Capturing your passion

Do you have a hobby? A sport? Something that you feel passionate about? These are the things that shape us and show who we are. When combined with photographic imagery we can create stunning representations of an individual's personality. We have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to capture a whole range of people in the studio, but I have to admit that our beautiful ballerina made for one of my favourite sessions of all time. She was not only elegant and graceful, but cool and sassy too. We had a lot of fun playing with poses and sharing ideas both prior to, and during, the session. If you are looking for a photoshoot that is something special, then this is it. Looking for a unique gift? Well how about the gift of a photo session? We can create personalised gift vouchers; perfect for Christmas!

black and white image of ballerina wearing tutu, sat on chair.
monochrome image of ballerina's feet en pointe
A ballerina sits on the floor wearing pointe shoes and a romantic tutu.