'You sell what you show'

Seriously, you do! And if we agree that this is true, surely you want to show your property (or your product, or yourself) at its very best? Let's face it, if you go for a job interview, you wouldn't go in your 'seen better days, slouching at home' clothes would you? No! You'd quite rightly make an effort to present the best version of yourself as you can in order to maximise your chances of success.

Let's consider another analogy... if you went to a restaurant and the tables weren't laid, the menu was on a stained tatty scrap of paper and the drinking glasses weren't clean, would you be happy to eat there? No! of course not! You expect to see that the establishment has made an effort to attract their customers. You expect it to be presented at its best and you pay for that too, right? We expect to pay more for a dinner in a lovely restaurant. We appreciate the little details; such as candles or flowers on the table, a carafe of water being provided without having to ask and the service being on point. Do we expect to pay the same in a fast food burger restaurant? Probably not. Food providers have started to capitalise on the importance of branding and presentation and we have seen many artisan shops, restaurants and cafes pop up. As consumers, we are happy to pay for the better quality and the extra attention to detail that goes into such products.

The same is true if you are trying to market your property; be it for holiday lets, long term rental or to sell. By presenting your property at its very best, you are a) going to immediately grab the attention of a wider audience b) obtain more bookings and c) be able to command a higher price. Yes, having professional photographs taken is an upfront cost, however this is one cost that could be argued is an essential component of your marketing strategy. We are also confident that your investment in property images will more than be covered by the additional revenue that showing your property at its best will generate. And now is the time to be updating your marketing to appeal to the current demand of staycations. If you currently have a property that you rent out for holidays and you are not fully booked right now, then something needs fixing - updating your images with professional photographs so that they show your property in a manner that appeal to your target guests could be that fix.

Case study: The static caravan featured at the head of this blog had just two bookings for the summer season until the professional photographs were done. In under 5 minutes of posting some of images we took, a further booking was made. Within a week, the summer season for this year was fully booked. For 2021, at the time or writing this blog, only 3 weeks in August remain available - July is fully booked.

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