Well it is a funny old time with Covid forcing couples to change their wedding plans; whether it is venues unable to accommodate or limitation on number of guests, many engaged couples preparing for their special day will have been impacted one way or another. But do you know what? One wonderful thing that has emerged is the shift of focus on what is important in a wedding. And the bottom line is, that the central element is, and of course should be, declaring your love to your partner. Yes, with witnesses, but whether that is just 2 people, or 200, does it really matter? Focusing on the ceremony and what marriage means to you and the exciting future that lies ahead will allow you to see that smaller weddings are no less impressive. In fact, I would have to say that I think they provide a more meaningful and intimate occassion. This recent wedding was no exception: The bride and groom were so caught up in their day and so clearly in love, that despite initially planning a big wedding, they ended up with something much greater and the most beautiful day thst they will remember for the rest of their lives.

What can any couples thinking about getting married take away from this? Well, I would like to urge you to consider smaller more intimate weddings. I know for large families this may cause a few issues, but if you plan for a small and intimate wedding - or even an elopement- then you can be sure that the focus will be on what is important and without distraction. From a practical point of view, it also makes your plans easier to change if necessary and of course easier for budgeting. You won't have to worry about table plans or whether different sides of the family will get along. Simplicity. Intimacy. Love. It's all you need.

bride preparing for her wedding my applying her make up.
close up image of wedding flowers
wedding flowers and wedding shoes
bride looking over her shoulder
black and white image of bride and groom at alter in church with heads bowed.
groom's first look at bride as she enters church.
bride and groom at alter
view of bridfe and groom within church.
black and white image of the first kiss.
newly married and facing their witnesses and guests.
bride and groom saying their vows.
bride and groom by flower arch outside church.
bride and groom walking out from church with confetti being thrown.
blaqck and white image of the groomsmen.
Groom assisting his bride up some steps at Clowance Estate.