Following on from my previous blog where I announced that S J Photography Ltd is offering free portrait photo shoots and half price wedding photography for NHS and front line key workers, I have appreciated how many others have been affected by COVID 19 and the current lockdown situation. I am looking at ways I can not only evolve and grow my business, but ways I can assist you and help you recover, evolve and grow too.

Prior to moving back to the UK, I lived in Kuwait with my husband. I was honoured to be chosen by several large companies and organisations to cover their events and photograph their products. I found myself capturing golfing images for Audi; the Queen's Birthday Party for the British Embassy; headshots for KPMG among so many more. I utilised my previous career as a primary school teacher and experience as a mother of three to do nursery school photography, kids photos, baby photos and family shoots. I took photographs of products for local jewellery and abaya designers. And of course I did wedding photography (although probably unlike anything you can imagine if you are thinking of traditional British weddings). I even judged a National photographic competition run by a National newspaper as a representative of the printing firm who were one of the main sponsors. I have always been a good listener, but my experiences in Kuwait refined my ability to follow a brief precisely. I have always been good at taking the lead, but in Kuwait I found myself directing Ministers, company directors and even Kuwait royalty when photographing them. In other words, I did a lot but most importantly I learned a lot. These are the skills I have brought back home with me, and these are the skills I offer to you. I thought I should focus on purely wedding and portrait photography on my return, but the current COVID 19 situation has made me reconsider. I can do so much more than this, and so can you. Think outside the box. Look at alternatives. If you are looking to rebrand or need help with any image production, then I am here for you. See this time as an opportunity to prepare and update. Get in touch!

Holiday property publicity images
product photography for Constantin Nautics
photoshoot for Next Level Performance