Real Estate & Holiday Rentals

Present your property at its best

You may have heard the phrase 'you sell what you show', and I am guilty, but do not apologise, for using it time and time again. If you have a property, or properties, and you are looking to attract buyers, tenants or holiday guests, then it is imperative that as part of your marketing and advertising campaign you a) have images of your property and b) that these images are of a professional standard to attract the right client and maximise the financial potential of your asset. We can assist you in advising you how best to 'dress' your property and give you little tips to help prepare your property. A 2 bedroom property will take in the region of 1 - 2 hours to photograph, with larger properties taking a little longer. After taking the images, they are provided in an online gallery for you to view, select, purchase and download. We can even create a slideshow for you which works well on social media platforms such as Facebook. Don't put it off - get in touch today. You will quickly discover how professional images will pay for themselves over and over.